This is a Fun Day

I just had lunch with my BFF and now am at her house playing on her computer. What a fun day! However, I have been reminded that I was not only supposed to keep up this blog but also my book review blog and the blog on which I am writing mystery stories, so unless I want a long lecture, I had better get started soon. One big problem is that I really like reading more than writing. And another friend turned me on to the Game of Thrones books and I am deeply into the third one and have a hard time putting them down. I could promise that I will do better, but anyone who has been following this blog has heard that before. But I will try to update my book review blog, work more on my mystery stories, and try to record the fascinating minutia of my life here.


hmm. the years flash by

hmm. I guess I am unforgivably slow at this blog thing. I just don’t seem to get to the computer for anything besides email, computer games (not angry birds), and checking on my websites which I am thinking of consolidating to one low cost site. The rest of the time seems to be spent socializing, book clubs, reading, watching movies, and doing little cleaning and lots of cooking.And breaking bones, so far one leg and one wrist which I broken in September and still is not completely better.
But now we are in 2012 and after three and a half years of retirement it is time to make good on all the resolutions I made when I retired. I truly have to eat healthier, lose weight, exercise more as my body allows, and start writing again. I should have had the world’s best novel done by now, so this is the year (or at least a collection of short stories). also, be better at blogging, keeping in touch with friends, keeping in touch with my grandchildren who are all far away.
One of the highlights of last summer was when my grandchildren Ashley (18) and Elvis (15) came out from Reno and spent a week with me. We had a great time going swimming, fishing, out to see the dam which was releasing a torrent because of the Missouri River flooding, to a movie (kid’s choice – RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES – and going to Nebraska to visit their great -great aunt. I have really missed them since they moved from here when Elvis was 2. They say they are going to make this an annual visit which would be great.
So mark this day. I will try to report back here more often and let the world know how things are going on this front.

This is getting ridiculous!

I really have to do better than once a year and I promise that I will. It has been an eventful year in so many ways. Even though I have been retired for two years, I have stayed on the board of the SDCTE and presented a session on poetry in February at the state convention. Then, on my return home, I slipped on ice in the driveway, broke my tibia, had surgery, a metal plate and four screws. Since I left the hospital in a wheel chair, my next stop was 2 and a half months in a nursing home. This was an enriching experience as I met many fascinating people with great stories. I still go to the nursing home to visit them several times a month. In addition I have a marvelous friend whose 93rd birthday we celebrated last Saturday. This is a fascinating woman who has had an incredible life.

I also managed to get my yard looking great and my house cleaned and organized with the help of three young teenagers. We lost a 75 year old elm in our front yard last summer. replaced it with a 25′ autumn blaze maple. This changed my shady front yard to a bright sunny garden, which mean replacing many of the plants I had planted there. We replace many of the perennnials last summer and now they are all blooming beautifully, mostly because we have had the snowiest winter and the rainiest summer in recent history.

Have been trying to convince my husband that a nice winter somewhere sunny would be just the ticket, but he doesn’t want to leave the house unwatched that long and all of our close neighbors head to Ariz. in November. We’ll see what happens.

So it is time that I start thinking of how to really use this blog for something other than a journal and start developing some deep thoughts here.

It really takes patience to follow this blog

I was interupted in my before Christmas blog by getting violently ill and was sick for almost two weeks. That was not fun. And then I just got busy with a whole bunch of other things which kept me away from this. So instead of deep thoughts, I think I had better stick to just my daily life and see if anything of interest emerges. I did start my blogger blog, or rather revamp it from the one I used for my classes, to a review blog in which I am posting reviews of books I have read. I am several books behind so will be posting there about every other day until i get caught up. i WILL put a link on here to that blog and also to my twitter if anyone wants to tweet me.
So I am going to jump over January and February and get right to this week. Well sort of. I have two book clubs, my terrestial book club and a celestial book club which I started with other talkie English teachers. We meet once a month online at and discuss a book that a member has chosen for that month. This Saturday we are going to discuss Sarah’s Key which sort of spooked me out but is an interesting book. My Terrestial book club meets the first Wednesday of every month and our book for next Wednesday is _My Stroke of Insight_ written by a stroke survivor, but too much like an anatomy lecture for my taste. I kept falling asleep all the time I was reading it. I am now reading the first book of the Sookie Stackhouse series and starting Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin. It was recommended to me by a friend whose book club I am visiting in April when they discuss The Catcher in the Rye.

I now have the distinction of having two dear friends waiting on transplant lists, one is here at home on home dialysis and waiting for a kidney, the other is in St. Mary’s hospital in Rochester, MN waiting for new lungs. So if anyone reads this, please pray for them.
Had lunch with a friend Monday and then went to the library and signed up for a new book discussion group which is starting April 9th. Thenup to the hospital to visit the young teacher who got my old job and who just had her second baby boy. Today was another of my lazy days though I think I will get my kitchen cleaned during commercials while watching TV tonight.
Tomorrow i go to an orthopod to see why I have persistant back and hip pain after walking short distances. So that is the update for today. Peace to all.

Christmas is acomin’ and not only the goose is getting fat

Well, here I am a week before Christmas and I still haven’t cleared space for my Christmas tree or done any specific Christmas baking. But since it is only Art and Me for Christmas, and we never decorate the tree until Christmas Eve, I still have time.

It is amazing to me how fast time flies. I thought once I quit working it would slow down, but my goodness. It seems to be Saturday before I know it. Saturday is when I have a standing coffee date with my old department head who retired with me, and three other teachers who are also retired. We try to get together on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I missed this Wednesday because it was below zero and I have a heart condition which means I should avoid really cold weather.

I have been busy spending money I probably shouldn’t but I have to keep the economy going. I just got connected to broadband internet a couple of weeks ago and hooked up a router so now I have wireless internet in my house. The only computer I have that is wireless is my new laptop, which I love, but it is really hard to type on as the cursor keeps skipping. So I bought a wireless mouse and keyboard which is really slick. I also got a wireless printer/copier/scanner but haven’t hooked it up yet.

February 4 – 2009

Okay, long gap. I suddenly got violently ill in the middle of this post and spent the next two weeks not enjoying life that much. Then just as I got over that I got a cold that lasted three weeks. So I will post a happy new years post when I get back from coffee today. Sorry for the long delay.

OOps! how’s that for publishing in the middle of a word. anyway, I am watching lots of movies that I missed and have downloaded the whole second season of Dexter to my computer since we don’t get showtime. I also invested in a Kindle and now have 25 books on it. They are cheaper than print books and also save me shelf space. If I read something I really want to have on my shelf, I can always order it. I also started an online book club with several other talkies. I have gotten in touch with a couple of colleagues who have also retired and we go out to coffee, for lunch, to movies, to retired teachers, and volunteer at some nursing homes. Yesterday we went on the tour of homes decorated for Christmas. These are the kind of homes teachers will never live in. Wow, one was two stories with a complete house complete with three bedrooms, three baths, and kitchen, family room, dining room and living room and office on each floor. Unbelievable.Now I have to think of what I will do with the rest of this year to make it profitable, in life experiences, if not monitarily. One of the cool things is that I have made a 91 year old friend at one of the assisted living homes. We go out about once every two weeks so that I can take her to do some shopping, out to lunch, and anything else she wants to do. She is amazing and as bright as anyone I know. She has a walker, but usually just steadies herself on my arm when we are out shopping. It is amazing the world you can find once you stop the grind and really have 24hours a day of free time. I’ll worry about getting more organized next year. One vow, I will try to add to this each week on Monday or Friday.

I am really bad about posting to this blog. It has been months and now we are close to the end of the year and my first semester of retirement. So I will try to catch up on a little of what has been going on in my life, or not going on as the case may be. Some of the things that haven’t happened. I have not signed up to substitute, in fact I have only been back to the school once to return some books that I had at home. I have more in the trunk of my car that I have to get up there, but think I will wait until it gets a little warmer. I haven’t written the great American novel yet, though I have been reading voraciously. And I didn’t go to NCTE in San Antonio even though I had reserved a hotel room and registered for the conference. It really bums me out that I missed it, especially since I had not been to San Antonio since I was a child. But I have some health problems that keep me from any long trips right now. Back problems which interfeer with my walking very far. But some things have been accomplished. Art and I pretty much hung around the house and Yankton this summer. I am still unpacking from the things I brought home from school, and doing three years spring/fall cleaning at the same time. Of course I work in one room for half an hour, read for an hour or watch a movie, then work in another room for a while. At this rate I may get it all done by my 70t birthday. In September, taking advantage of the lower prices after the season and the fact that for the first time in many years I could take a vacation during the school year, Art and I drove out to the Black Hills, Custer specifically. It was very nice except that we both had some kind of intestinal upset for about three days of the trip. Kind of cancelled our plans to go on the 1812 railroad which was used in the movie Dances With Wolves. Oh well, there is always next year. But when we got back, we decided that we had better cancel our San Antonio trip until both of us could get around a little better. Maybe next year in Philadelphia. I have watched lots of movies tha